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Pyasi (1kg )

Pyasi fish (originating from Mekong River Delta in Vietnam and Chao Basin in Thailand) is being sourced from Andhra Pradesh

Catla (1kg )

Catla fish is an economically very important South Asian freshwater fish. It is in the carp family Cyprinidae .The fish is mainly found in the rives and lakes in northern India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Salmon ( 1kg )

Salmon fish is a large silver-coloured fish that lives in both freshwater and marine water which is consumed as food.

Prawns ( 1 kg )

prawn are types of seafood that are consumed worldwide. Prawns are crustaceans with a shell, five pairs of swimming legs (pleopods), five pairs of walking legs, three with claws, and a tail.

Tuna (1kg)

Tuna is a highly migratory species that can travel through thousands of miles of ocean throughout its life and is fished in diverse regions around the globe. More than 70 countries worldwide such as the US, Japan and Spain as well as Ecuador, France, Ghana, the Philippines.

Dara (250gm to 500gm )

Dara species of marine ray-finned fish, a grunt belonging to the family Haemulidae. It is native to the Atlantic coast of Africa. It is the only species in the monospecific genus Parakuhlia.

Raiya (250gm to 500gm )

It is found in Pakistan India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar. It has been intrduced recently into Sri Lanka & China.

Bam ( 1-2kg )

Baam is a freshwater fish found and eaten all over India. Also known as Eel and belongs to Anguilladae family. they’re a fantastic source of mega-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain a good amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, manganese, zinc, and iron

Phali ( 250gm to 500gm )

It occurs in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar up to China and Sri Lanka. In India it is found throughout the country. In South India also it is wide spread Fish measures 17-19 cm in length Color

Saur ( 1-3kg )

It is distributed over Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal,Bangladesh & Myanmar through Southeast Asia up to China. It is widespread in India, occurring in almost all the states They may attain a length up to 122 cm but are usually of 46 cm.

Chital ( 4kg-15kg )

Chital fish is a carnivorous fish. They are generally a fish eater of freshwater. They live in clean water of river, swamp etc.Chital fish is available in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malay, Laos, Thailand and some other Asian countries.

Telapiya ( 0.5kg to 1.5kg )

The Tengra fish is also called the Gangetic Mystus or Mystus Tengara and is part of the catfish family. Tengra fish finds in the freshwater of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya and other states across India, the Tengra fish is a staple item for people residing near Indian rivers

Karauchi (0.5kg to 1.5kg )

It is distributed in fresh & esturine waters of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Bengal in India and in other countries e.g., Burma & Bangladesh. It is commonly found in ponds,

Nain ( 1-4kg )

habitat is in the stretch from the Punjab to West Bengal and Assam. It is widely distributed in India due to its introduction all over the country for fishery purposes. Fish measures 16 to 26 cm in length.

Pahina ( 1-2kg )

Fish is found in fresh water bodies in India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Burma to Java, Sumatra, Siam and Indo-China. They are provided with large mouth & sharp teeth helpful for predatory action. Lower jaw is slightly longer than the upper jaw Anal fin is long & not confluent with the caudal fin

Corpio ( 1-3kg )

Carp are a large freshwater fish native to central Asia. Introductions in many countries have helped to make carp the most widely distributed freshwater fish in the world.

Fishwhite in Varanasi

Fish white is a startup in the fish industry build in 2022 situated in Varanasi. We’re an online and offline brand fastening on live fresh white meat .Our fundamental focus is to assure that all the product reaching the end consumer is fresh. Fish White is a fresh white meat brand and we assure healthy meat right to you, without any hassles whatever. Our charge is to keep raising the bar of the fresh white meat experience for consumers in Varanasi

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Our core charge is to give chemical-free, pure food to consumers. We take great pains to insure that we go directly to the fishers or growers without any mediators in between and buy the freshest of fresh fishes straight from the source. Further, we follow the most new & scientific transportation and packaging processes from source till your door way. This ensures that the needed temperature and other conditions for healthy preservation of fishes are met using nothing but natural ice as the preservative..

We have observed that a large probability of the fish available in the regional demand has Ammonia in them. A minor chance has Formalin.

The fish reaches your home within limited hours of catch landing from our plants-our estimate is that it’s in your kitchen within 1 to 7 hours. Fishes aren’t treated with chemicals like as Formalin, Chlorine or Ammonia, which means what we supply, is the safest and healthiest fishes you can buy. Nearly all fishes you find in your original market are always treated with one or other chemicals to conserve it. These chemicals are dangerous to human beings and actually deprive the fishes of its originality and natural taste.

We’ve our own logistics and delivery work system, so we’ve a fair quantity of control on our schedules.

We support both online as well as cash on delivery payment systems. No redundant charges are asked for using any of the payment system.

Yes. We don’t store credit card details in our system. All online payment related deals are carried out using trusted Razor pay backed payment gateway system.

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