About us

Fish white is a startup in the fish industry build in 2022 situated in Varanasi. We’re an online and offline brand fastening on live fresh white meat .Our fundamental focus is to assure that all the product reaching the end consumer is fresh. Fish White is a fresh white meat brand and we assure healthy meat right to you, without any hassles whatever. Our charge is to keep raising the bar of the fresh white meat experience for consumers in Varanasi.

In our busy life style, we frequently settle for what’s accessible. Moment, maximum of us don’t have easy access to high quality fresh meat. As a result, we will have to compromise with our taste and health. What if we were to make pure and fresh whole meat more accessible? So accessible we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep. At Fish White, we believe in quality, values and the excellence of fresh meat. Witness the taste, texture and kindness of ponds fresh meat delivered straight from high quality ponds. No more negotiations, no hassle, just the unmistakable, each-natural meat. Bring back the touch of tradition and heritage to the food you eat.

From ponds to your table, commitment of freshness

No antibiotics, no preservatives. The texture, color and caring of land fresh meats are distinct and wholesome. The trueness is the meat you bring in from original dealers and supermarkets is largely reprocessed and from creatures raised under germy, violent conditions of common land and grossly overburdened butchery houses. Creatures in these common lands are constantly treated with antibiotics to hide trouble and other preservative chemicals to increase shelf life. For too long have you blindly trusted original dealers with your health and health of your family? No more. With Fish White you can be sure that the meat on your table comes from a healthy beast raised in a germfree and humane atmosphere on high quality farmsteads equipped with state-of-the- art establishments.100% chemical, antibiotic-and hormone-free meat.

Deal with B2B and B2C

As per the current scenario out farmers were facing the low rate at the time of sale and our customers were getting very high rate in comparison of farm fish rate .

So we will break all the middleman and will work for them too by giving them fish at their doorstep.

As of now we will sale our fish to B2B market like hotels , restra , Dhaba , institution , corporate and local vendors . We will sale the live fresh fish at their doorstep by harvesting the fish at same day .

And our target B2B customer can order the fish from our website or mobile app as per their comfort zone .

How we deal.

We deal in fish market and USP of our business is Live fish delivery at doorstep with equipped butcher .

We will take the order from both channels online and offline and will operate our operation by omni channel logistic mode.

Where we will sale our fish both by online mode and by offline mode also by running the Fish white vans at the different location of the cities. And basically our van is designed for that segmented customers who don’t want to buy or order from online platform.

Our deal is very simple and user friendly for our customers.

You have to go to our application/website – search for the fish you wish to buy – select Kg – Address – order place…

Simple and after that we will deliver at your door step within 1-7hr a fresh live fish delivered by FISH WHITE COMPANY…….

Vision of Fish White

The aim of Fish White is to change the buying behavior of our customer. As in current situation Fish industry is unbranded and they are not getting that much of importance and weightage which they actually deserve. So Fish white, going to create a well-structured market for both our farmer and customers.

 We are going to change the market scenario of fish and going to create an industry for fish with the brand name called FISH WHITE.

And we also are going to target the employment to such sector of our Indian economy that was totally neglected by any industry such as mallah, farmers, and person who don’t have educations. But we have work for them too as we will operate in fish farm where we need such manpower and will build them as an pillar for our company named Fish white . For customers and farmers we Have e-commerce platform both available in mobile app form or website form from which our target customer can easily buy or sale their fish at seating to their Doorstep.